Support WCOI Financially

WCOI is a faith-based organization and it depends on donations from fellow believers who are lead by the Lord to give. You can donate money towards an Audio Bibles for the Blind/people groups/people with disabilities/children/oral learners, etc. Or you can also donate towards a language recording. 

You are welcome to make a donation towards the development and running of the HUM Audio Bible Smartphone app. Costs to run the app are high and we are praying that the Lord will meet all our needs through His church and people.

If you live outside of India, you can give through the Reformed Church in America's (RCA) website.-

 If you would like to make a donation within India, please do click on the DONATE NOW button located below to make your donation

Additionally, if you want to bless our staff you are welcome to do that as well. Please give as the Lord leads. As you may know these audio units are imported into India and are available against a highly subsidized donation at our office, and it is further reduced to a price that people can afford during our distributions. 


Pray For Us

Please remember us and our team in your prayers. Many Bibles move out from our office everyday and we would like you to pray for our staff who work tirelessly in assembling these players and making sure they are quality tested and safely packed.

We would also like you to pray for the many languages that need to be recorded. If you are aware of a language that needs to be recorded, please let us know and we would love to work with you in recording a language.


Serve with WCOI

Like to help us or be a part of a distribution?

Let us know and we will keep you posted on dates when you can come, participate, and witness first-hand how God is using Audio Bibles to touch the lives of many people who cannot read and write.