Meet the WCO-India Staff

Rev. P A Sundara Rajan and Priya
Rev. P A Sundara Rajan and PriyaFounders
Rev. Sundara Rajan and his wife Priya founded WCOI back in the 80’s. Coming out of a non christian family, Rev Sundara saw the need to have the Bible in Audio while distributing tracts on the streets of Madurai. He noticed that many people refused to take a tract as they could not read. He prayed and asked God to show him a way to record the Bible and distribute it. It all started with a broken player he purchased for Rs 10 on a platform. He started recording passages of scripture on this player and started playing it in all the street corners. People gathered, heard and thus began the work and the ministry of WCOI. His wife Priya joined him and together they have worked for many years in recording and distributing Scriptures to many people in this great nation.
James Sundara Rajan
James Sundara RajanAssociate Director
James joined WCOI 4 years back as its Associate director. James worked with Google and was part of the YouTube India team during his tenure there. Being lead by God, James quit his job at Google and joined WCOI as its associate director. He is presently in charge of Distributions, partnerships, Social media along with his many other roles.
Manjappa William
Manjappa WilliamRecording and Editing
If you have an Audio Bible with you in an Indian Language and are happy with the recording be sure to pray for this man. Manjappa handles all our recordings and editing. Manjappa comes from a first generation believer background and has been serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ever since he knew him. He loves his job and has heard the Bible being read out in many many languages. He is very patient and has been with WCOI for over 10 years.
Shanthi Solomon
Shanthi SolomonOffice Manager
Shanthi has been with WCOI for more than a year. If you ever called our office number or visited our office, I am sure you may have most likely spoken to her. She is a very efficient and wonderful person. 
M P Kani
M P KaniShipping and Operations
Kani has been with us for more that 15 years. If you have been to our office, you would have heard his name being mentioned over and over during our conversations. He is all around the office and is a very efficient person. He is an expert at packing and most of our shipments are packed by him, If you have received your players safely without a scratch, you need to thank this man. 
SamaluFacilities and Shipping
Samalu has been with WCOI for more that 20 years. If you walked into our campus, you would have not missed seeing him. He keeps the compound clean and also takes care of packing players and doing other odd jobs in the campus as well. He is very trustworthy and with him around you just do not have to lock anything.