InTouch Messenger’s are here!

WCOI recently partnered with Dr. Charles Stanley’s InTouch ministries to distribute InTouch Messenger players in India. In August, we started our first InTouch Messenger distribution among […]

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Auto rickshaw drivers and many others equipped with the Audio Bible

WCOI was busy during these past few months with many distributions. Our month started with a distribution among Auto Rickshaw drivers who are part of […]

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“You have fulfilled my dream.”

WCOI had the privilege of visiting North East India to take part in the release of the Audio Bibles in Paite, Simte and Gangte languages […]

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Testimonies from the Children at Mukti Mission

In March, we had a wonderful distribution at Mukti Mission, Pune. Many children and women were blessed with these Audio Bibles and Dolls. I have […]

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Audio Bibles for the Blind

WCOI has been recording and distributing scriptures in Audio for the many who cannot read and write. Many of them have been blessed by the […]

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Wildlife Storytellers are here!

WCOI had the privilege of distributing Wildlife StoryTeller’s in two orphanages last month. We worked with one home that houses Children who are […]

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Leprosy Colony Distribution

Last week a few of us went for a distribution in the city of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. We received a call a few months […]

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New leadership at WCOI

On June 26, 2015 WCOI installed James Ragland Sundararajan as the new Executive Director for the ministry. The event was well attended by various Christian […]

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Kukna’s now have an Audio Bible

A few weeks back we had the opportunity to head into the Teak Jungles that is situated in the border of Gujarat. I had the privilege […]

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